It is easy to think plants are included in offices to simply spruce up the place and give the sometimes bland spaces a nice POP of color. Of course this is one great reason to include plants in your office, however, what most do not realise is that plants can benefit you in a range of ways outside of stimulating your pupils.

A beautiful office space

The inclusion of plants within your office can help create a relaxing workplace. They can help soften corners and can function as a feature piece of many offices. It can make a space feel more modern. The use of plants within your building can also help to create a more positive brand perception, with the growing importance of the environment to most people in the modern world, the use of greenery within your office can create the perception that your company is environmentally conscious to your clients and maybe play a hand in landing your next big deal!

Fresher air

The inside of many office buildings have poor air quality with a range of pollutants.  It should come as no surprise to you that this has an impact on productivity. So what can you do about this? Plants of course! There are a range of indoor plants that are excellent at filtering air and can help to greatly improve the air quality within your office  and make the building feel cleaner and you feel better!

Stress reduction

A study published in the Technical found that workers who had plants in their offices had a reduction in stress of 30% to 60%, whilst those who had no plants showed increases in stress levels. Over three months of testing the study found that as little as one plant in an office can have an impact on stress levels, of course, the more the better!

Make you stand out as an employer

It has been shown that offices with plants inside them are more attractive to employees than offices without plants. It can also help reduce sick leave as well as absence rates.

Absorb background noise

Different parts of plants are actually excellent at absorbing sound, from leaves to stems, plant parts can be very effective at absorbing excess noise.

Boost creativity

This last point is especially important to businesses that rely on creativity. The belief that plants help inspire people dates back thousands of years according to Wasatch Greenscapes. It is thought that it may possibly be due to an association within the brain to the colour green. Others theorise that having natural plants makes people feel more comfortable and focus more on their creations than if they were feeling anxious.

Photo:  unsplash