Coworking, the perfect alternative to expensive Melbourne office real estate

As Melbourne grows more and more as an Australian business hub, it should come at no surprise that so are the prices for traditional office leases. From the opening of Melbourne’s first coworking office in 2007 hundreds more have followed. Melbourne has been the perfect place for coworking to thrive with a range of freelances and start-ups fueling the growth. Coworking not only offered an affordable alternative to traditional office spaces in Melbourne, it also allowed individuals to tap into an established network of professionals that benefited their business. However, since 2007 the face of coworking in Melbourne has changed drastically.

With this in mind Collective 100 has been designed to service professionals in Richmond and Cremorne with open style offices aiming to further promote all the best parts of coworking. Our meeting rooms are superficially designed to both foster discussion and demand attention.

A Move From Temporary Solution to a Long Term Alternative

Coworking once viewed as a short term solution is now becoming a more and more common permanent replacement for traditional offices. Larger companies are getting on board, releasing the potential it provides for their teams. There is also a recent shift in coworking with more businesses opting for private offices rather than open-plan offices. This allows these businesses to tap into all of the benefits coworking can offer whilst retaining complete privacy.

The COVID Coworking Boom

With the imminent end of sky rise offices as a result of this pandemic, coworking spaces on the fringe of city centers are now becoming a popular alternative to these now risky options.

Large businesses are realising the potentially detrimental effects that housing their entire teams together in one space would have if an outbreak spread through their workforce. This means many are looking for a number of offices to disperse smaller teams into so that if outbreaks happen it can be isolated to one single team and their company can continue to function. 

The Perfect Time to Cowork

Whilst many businesses are in limbo waiting to return to the office, many are choosing to opt for a virtual office in a coworking building in the interim until they are able to return to the office and paying rent becomes a necessary expense once again. This means that whilst they are working from home they can still retain a premium business address and when they do return to the office simply upgrade their plans to include the perfect number of offices.

Additionally, many coworking spaces are offering incredible incentives to encourage people to come in and try their space making this the perfect time to enter the office and experience all that coworking has to offer.

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Photo by berenice melis on Unsplash