A flexible co-working space offers membership to multiple companies and individuals. The types of people and companies who use shared workspaces can include freelancers, startups, small or medium businesses and these days more and more large national or multinational companies. Flexible spaces can be made up of people and companies who work side by side either in private offices or communal in co-working areas. 

Flexible workspaces spaces range from large, communal open space environments with individual or group seating arrangements (co-working desks & flexidesks) right through to a 20-30 person private office.  

They often have varied working areas as well as communal “hang-out” spaces designed to foster a community environment, and they share resources such as internet, reception area and meeting rooms.

A good flexible workspace will offer a great environment and culture that is conducive to productivity, that fosters creativity and inspiration, and encourages networking and collaboration

As companies ease back into the workplace, many are using this opportunity to take advantage of this workplace revolution and reassess their workspaces. Some are developing hybrid models comprised of shared flexible workspace and private offices, while others are moving away from traditional office space and opting for flexible workspaces and more agile ways of working.

For those looking from the outside in, co-working can seem like a trendy business fad that’s better suited to tech start-ups than most companies. Fortunately, the market has evolved since its popularisation in Silicon Valley and can now meet the needs of companies new and emerging worldwide.

Here are just some of the benefits you’ll experience:

  1. No fit-out costs

Need to keep costs low? The initial costs associated with an office or warehouse fit-out can be astronomical. Fortunately, we’re well-equipped with furniture, meeting rooms, kitchen set-ups and support systems like WiFi, so your business can take off and run from day one.

  1. Flexibility to grow

At Collective_100 we have the resources to house a smaller business with the potential to grow. As one of our members, you won’t be locked into long-term, immovable contracts, and can choose to upgrade (or downgrade) your space requirements depending on your team needs.

  1. Flexible contract

As the business community no longer looks like it did in the past, we appreciate that many organisations are no longer thinking about multi-year tenancies. Instead of signing up for an expensive space that you may be ready to move on from 24 months from now, better contracts mean that you can make the decisions that are ultimately best for you and your business.

  1. One point of contact

Need support services, but limited as to how much you can hire? Our group provides a comprehensive service for internet set-up and connections, full concierge support and more. We look after the extra tasks that often get overlooked so you can keep an eye on your day-to-day business.

  1. Employee Comfort

A flexible workspace gives workers a sense of satisfaction because they feel more independent. It allows them the freedom to work for a company but on their own time, and also in their own place. Flexible work spaces like Collective_100 provide private office spaces, as well as light-filled communal areas and a rooftop with a stunning view, all of which are perfect places to mix up your work environment.