Your Referrals mean the world to us, to say thank you for your support we have decided to create a generous commission reward program, when you help us we help you.

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8% commission

8% commission on successful referrals for the first 12 months

4% commission

Additional 4% commission if your referred client expands their space during the first 12 months.

2% commission

2% commission from the 13th to 24th month after the client you referred chooses to renew their contract

Step 1.

Fill in the form with the correct phone number, name, and email address so your referral can be recognised with a submission time.

Step 2.

indicate if we are allowed to contact your client directly.

Step 3.

Every inquiry against your name that results in a successful sale will incur one or more of the above mentioned commissions.

Its time

It's time to make a world of difference, help your client find an office they can truly love, an office will class, an office that allows creativity, and an office that fosters collaboration.

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