Your dedicated desk in our shared office invites both focused work and a collaborative environment, as you get to know those around you, without the clamour and noise of a larger community.

Alongside our modern minimalist aesthetic, you will discover our cutting edge facilities, seamless concierge services and an environment designed to delight and inspire, every single day. A true collective.

Why choose a dedicated desk in a shared office in Richmond?

Your shared office space at collective_100 puts you in one of the most enviable positions across the space: Our mezzanine. You will enjoy the “CEO view” — Floor to ceiling glass windows overlooking one of our larger spaces below, and offering an uninterrupted view of the inspiring Bryant and May building.

Your generously sized desk and lockable cabinet form a blank canvas on which you can create your ideal workspace and organisation. You will join other brands with similar values who add to the rich tapestry of the collective_100 culture. Just like all other members, you will enjoy access to our shared facilities, such as meeting rooms, printing and kitchen facilities.

Unlike other flexible workspaces you may have considered in Richmond, we choose to be unbranded. What this means is you will not find our logo on the door, nor highlighted within. By doing this, we offer the unparalleled opportunity for brands to present themselves as a single, larger entity, impressing prospects and clients alike.

A shared office suits those who:

  • Do not require a private dedicated office
  • Work well with the vibrancy of others around them
  • Appreciate quality finishes and modern facilities
  • Are seeking a high-end look with aligned brands and companies
Benefits of your collective_100 Shared Office in Richmond

Move in with minimal fuss 

With your desk, chair and cabinet already sorted, it is simple to move in at a time that suits you. You will be given unique access to the building via our app, allowing you 24/7 access to the building.

Casual spaces for a change of scenery

Our range of facilities and public spaces make your coworking membership much more than just a desk or office. Take a break in our designer kitchen, where you’ll enjoy free tea and fresh Nespresso coffee, sparkling water on tap and a range of ‘mini bar’ snacks and drinks available for purchase. Find your deep flow at our high benches, purposefully engineered to inspire focus. Or simply greet your guests, stakeholders or clients at our central lounge area before inviting them into one of our prestige meeting spaces.

Luxurious surrounds without the price or commitment

You will find no other coworking space quite like collective_100. Our commitment to a boutique environment means inviting the right brands to our community that enhance our reputation for prestige and quality.

Discover our stylish yet minimal interior, including intimate meeting rooms with catering options available, our concierge service for guests and clients, and the world class facilities. The ease of burdens like cleaning and maintenance ensure that your time with us allows your brand to focus on what you do best.

Make the right impression with the “postcode prestige” of Silicon Cremorne

Rubbing shoulders with world-changing brands like Tesla, Mattel and the Just Group, you are in the inner city suburb renowned for innovation and technology. Your new central address is sure to impress those high-ticket clients, especially when they are welcome into your new stylish office space by our concierge team. Easily accessed by train, tram or car, your new Richmond space is sure to turn the heads of your potential clients and customers alike.

*Price based on a 12 month commitment.

  • 24/7 Access
  • Premium Business Mailing Address
  • High Speed Wi-Fi
  • Access to Well-Equipped Meeting Rooms
  • Access to a Variety of Collaboration Spaces
  • Access to Private Phone Booths
  • Printing & Scanning Facilities
  • Concierge Service
  • Wheelchair Accessible
  • Office Cleaning Service
  • Private Bathrooms with Shower Facilities
  • Undercover Bike Racks
  • Modern Kitchen with Lunch Area
  • Premium Tea and Gourmet Nespresso Coffee
  • Filtered & Sparkling Water
  • Access to the Rooftop Deck
  • On-site Car Parking (Optional Extra)
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Virtual Member

A premium address for your business and mail requirements.

Starting from

$99 per month
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Flexible Desks

Check in and work from one of our flexible workstations.

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$125 per month
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Dedicated Desk

24-7 access to your own desk in an open shared office.

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$675 per month

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Private Office

24-7 access to your own private, secure office.

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