Melbournes Diversity

Melbourne is an incredible city, filled with individuals from across the globe, each of them accepted for who they are and what they believe. From the incredible diversity in backgrounds, the Melbourne food scene was born. But how can your business benefit from diversity?

Studies have consistently shown that although groups of a single ethnicity are more cohesive (possibly due to alignment in beliefs and behaviors), groups composed of a number of different cultures are more creative. Diverse groups are better at problem-solving as well. Hence, it might be time to look at the diversity within your business and think about the number of perspectives you are tapping into.

Additionally, exposure to individuals from a range of different backgrounds and circumstances can allow you and your company to become more culturally sensitive. This means that trading internationally may become easier and more straight forward as you have insight into how things are different and how things are the same.

Diversity further encourages individuals from different countries to join our communities in Melbourne, further adding to a beautiful city filled with bits and pieces from every corner of the world. Being a part of this globalisation process helps to portray your company as a positive, accepting, and respectful workplace.

This diversity of Melbourne flows into coworking spaces where individuals from all backgrounds work and assist each other. This is part of the reason these communities are so incredible, you have endless possibilities of not only professionals but also a range of different people with contrasting beliefs that invite conversation and inspire change.

Melbourne’s diversity is incredibly special and you should welcome this diversity inside of your business. Learn from others, gain new insights and improve your understanding of our friends near and far.