coworking is designed to help you grow.

Co-Working is the 21st-century version of serviced office space and there are so many reasons why businesses big and small are choosing it as an alternative to traditional office space. It is more affordable, provides more space, provides flexibility and so much more. So yes, co-working is great, but is it really that much better than a normal office lease?

Worry about working

Normally businesses need someone dedicated to making sure the office runs smoothly, are the printers being serviced on time, has the cleaning been organized and paid for, has the coffee machine been cleaned, is the receptionist sick? With so many variables it is essential to have someone making sure everything is looked after. In addition to this, they need to invest in buying everything they need, connecting fast enough internet and making sure that nothing breaks. With a coworking space, the worry is taken off your hands, and you can now stress about running your business.

Save money to invest in growth

Coworking is far more affordable for teams of less than 30, this means that larger companies save money to invest in growing their business.

Coworking grows with your team

The best part about coworking is that you can add on a desk or an office as you gain each extra team member, meaning you never have to squish, and there is always space for each and every member of your team.


One of the most essential parts of any business is networking, it allows you to bring onboard new clients and grow your reach to new people. Medium to large enterprises is slowly realizing the value coworking spaces bring in terms of networking and their networking events.

Is that all?

No, there are so many other reasons why the teams who work at collective_100 have chosen to work in such an incredible place, but the main reason is that it is better.