5 Reasons Why You Should Choose Coworking!

There are so many benefits to coworking, every member in our space loves coming into work everyday and says turning to coworking at collective_100 was the best decision they could of made in regards to office space. So here are five of the best reasons our members gave for why they love coworking.

1. Networking.

Coworking spaces house businesses from a range of industries, this is great news for you and your business. Picture this, you are a designer and the person on the desk is a web developer who has just gained a large client they need to develop, however, their client doesn’t have a design yet. That web designer then refers you! This is just one of the scenarios we get to observe daily.

2. Money.

Coworking is a cost effective way of getting into a beautiful office. Often you have more freedom in how long you set your lease, you don’t have to pay for a fit out, your don’t pay bills, don’t pay for cleaning, don’t pay for communal areas like the kitchen and don’t pay for coffee… Free coffee! This translates directly into savings of thousands a year and money in your pocket!

3. Get Motivated!

Coworking spaces and other flexible workspaces are almost always filled with highly driven individuals and drive is contagious! Being around people who are trying to better themselves every single days will make you want to do the same! This means no matter how your day starts, you can rely on the coworking community to bring you up and fill you with drive.

4. Collaboration.

Having experts at your disposal is something that we aren’t frequently afforded. With coworking this is a luxury you can afford! With so many industries working under one roof it means asking a quick question` to solve your problems is easier than ever.

5. Skill development.

Working next to a range of individuals from different industries, sometimes a different person everyday means that you get the chance to develop your own skills.

If you want to check out why our members love collective_100 so much come in for a tour and we can show you all there is to love.