Coworking done different.

Headed by brothers Barry and Paul Hickman, collective100 brings together a legacy of creative and corporate aspirations. Barry and Paul together possess intimate knowledge of Cremorne’s tech-meets-art reputation as the directors and photographers behind well known and beloved CI Studios.

Years of service to Melbourne’s most talented and prestigious brands sets the scene for the creation of yet another creative space, this time servicing the entrepreneurial and innovative. Today collective_100 sets the standard for everything an office space should aspire to become, a true hub for collaboration, a place for connection, and a hive of activity.

collective_100 is known for the family values on which it was founded, shaping the community that we see today. From the very first member, to the vibrant community that exists now, collective_100 has always been warm and welcoming.

Make your start at collective_100 with a tour. Whether virtual or in person, we are confident you will fall in love with the workspace, a workspace with a charm like no other.