Coworking done different.

Led by a father-daughter duo, collective100 brings together a legacy of creative and corporate aspirations. Established to cater to both national and multinational enterprises, collective_100 sets the standard for everything an office space should strive to become, a true hub for collaboration, a place for connection, and a hive of activity.

collective_100 is known for the family values on which it was founded, shaping the community that we see today. From the very first member, to the vibrant community that exists now, collective_100 has always been warm and welcoming.

Premium Amenities

Super Fast Wi-Fi
Proximate Public Transport
Undercover Onsite Parking
Secure Bike Parking
Dedicated Meeting Rooms
Rooftop with City Views
End of Trip Facilities
Complimentary Tea and Coffee
Mail Handling Services
Collaborative Spaces
Concierge Services
Professional Cleaning
Secure Access
Printing Facilities
Eight Phone Booths
Two Well-Appointed Kitchens


We partner with local brands and businesses to provide our members with an array of convenient perks and discounts, all accessible at the touch of a button on our members' portal.

Whether you are grabbing a quick coffee or snack during your break, staying active at a local gym, or wining and dining an important client, our collaborations ensure there's something to meet your every need.

& Events

We pride ourselves on a curated membership where each company adds something special, fostering a dynamic and diverse environment.

To further strengthen connections, we organise regular community events, providing our members with valuable opportunities to network, share insights, and build meaningful relationships within our vibrant community. In the warmer months, we take full advantage of our rooftop, transforming it into a lively venue for these meet ups.

With a culture of being a part of a community that feels like family, it's no wonder that many of our members have chosen to stay with us for years.

Make your start at collective_100 with a tour. Whether virtual or in person, we are confident you will fall in love with our workspace - with a charm like no other.