Perectly located in Richmond

Located just 6 minutes from Richmond station

More than a convenient location.

6 mins from Richmond Station

Close to trains, trams & buses, collective_100 is incredibly easy to reach.

Foodie scene

Surrounded by incredible cafes, with some of the worlds best coffee.

A creativity hub

Richmond is a hub of creativity and technology driving Melbourne fowards.

Incredible restaurants

Once the work is done, there is an endless list of choices for where to eat.

A hive of activity inside & out.

A vibrant hub of creativity.

Richmond, Australia: a vibrant district pulsating with cultural vibrancy and rich history. This urban gem boasts a diverse commercial environment, perfectly harmonizing traditional industries and innovative startups. With its bustling eateries, excellent transport links, and a blend of vintage and modern architecture, Richmond creates an invigorating backdrop for any office setup.

Richmonds strategic location offers easy access to & from the city, ensuring seamless business operations and client interactions. The area's unique blend of heritage & modernity provides an inspiring & aesthetically pleasing environment. Richmond's vibrant culinary scene & recreational amenities ensure a well-rounded lifestyle for your team, promoting work-life balance.

Intrigued? We invite you to explore our diverse range of office spaces situated in the heart of this dynamic locale.

Why collective_100

A good coworking space typically possesses several key characteristics that contribute to a positive and productive environment for its members. We think our space delivers this.

1. Comfortable and functional design
2. Flexible membership options
3. Strong community
4. High-speed internet
5. Supportive concierge team