2020 was an incredible year, a little scary, a little boring, a little sad. The one good thing that has come out of 2020 was the revolution it sparked in the office world. The 9 to 5 as we knew it was created in the 1800s by Henry Ford. Since then, we still use the 9 to 5 office routine to structure our entire lives, with increase congestion in our cities and lengthening commute times, the 9-5 is quickly becoming an 8-6. We follow this routine despite an abundance of information that contradicts this as an appropriate way to live our lives.

Forcing us to open our eyes and experience the work-life balance that working from home, or at least partially, can bring into our lives. Not only does it cut out lengthy commute time, the time is taken to get ready, and other morning routines many of us endure every morning, but this hybrid work style also allows companies to save money on space they barely utilise. This is where the real strength of co-working shines. With co-working, these companies are realising that they don’t need to pay rent on meeting rooms, or office space, or a kitchen that they barely utilise.

Hybrid working is where part of a company is in the office on some days whilst another part of the company is in on the alternating days. On any given day the entirety of a single team is in allowing for seamless collaboration whilst the other team is focusing hard at home. Of course, some people prefer to work completely from the office, and the flexibility of coworking also enables this to happen.

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