According to a Medibank Health study, around 77% of the average Australian’s workday is spent sitting down, usually in lengthy bouts – it is not surprising when the majority of office members sit for long periods of time to accomplish their daily work requirements. We can all recognise that this sedentary lifestyle habit can reduce both mental and physical health, which can result in a potential occupational hazard.

After a long week, most sedentary office members are too drained to proceed with other activities, let alone focus on their jobs. This is certainly something we want to avoid in any offices; hence it is possible that standing desks may be the answer we’re looking for.

What are the benefits of standing desks?

It’s not recent news that standing desks are seeing an upsurge in popularity – they can also be referred to as standing workstations, sit stand desks, or simply adjustable desks. They are beneficial for increasing physical activity and decreasing sedentariness in a workplace. Here are some benefits of standing desks that you should know:

  • Standing Office Desks Reduce Back Pain
  • Adjustable Standing Desks Can Help Burn Calories
  • Standing Aids in Lower Blood Sugar Levels
  • A Sit Stand Desk Boosts Energy and Concentration Levels
  • Standing Relieves Stress
  • Standing Improves Job Performance and Productivity

The ability to choose between sitting and standing, means that employees can work the way they find most conducive to productivity. As a result, employees benefit from greater mental alertness and an increased attention span, which will ultimately improve the quality of their work. Studies from standing desks experts highlight that thinking on your feet is also a better way of grounding innovative ideas, while at the same time improving circulation.

So, is standing better than sitting?

Ultimately, yes, standing at work is generally better than sitting, however the perfect ratio between standing and sitting will vary from person to person. Hence, you can adjust your standing desk throughout the day to remain comfortable as you work. Standing desks also encourage users to take breaks by moving and adjusting whenever they have been sitting for too long. This change encourages daily movement and can contribute to improving ones’ lifestyle and overall health.

Companies based at collective 100 have the option of upgrading to a sit-stand desk.

More people today are aware of the benefits of standing at work, thus standing desks have become one of the top workplace perks that offices provide. US Study by SHRM (Society of Human Resource Management) shows that 60% of employers offer standing desks as part of benefits to meet office members’ needs. Hence, there is a good chance that a workplace may already have a policy in place for standing desks. So, if you opt for active workstations and the desire to stand and work, we at Collective_100 provide standing work desk options to accommodate our members.