Are Big Corporate Companies Finally Turning To Co-Working?

2020 was an incredible year to be alive! We saw a decades’ worth of workplace changes happen seemingly overnight, if you blinked you might have missed it. So how has the office landscape changed, and has it changed forever?

Zoom and The Home Office, a Perfect Pair?

Zoom has been a huge asset to many businesses, promising a secure connection where business can take place virtually. Throughout 2020 it offered Australians a sense of normality and mild socialisation. However, does this mean that a home office is a sustainable option? For some people the answer will be yes, they enjoy their space, not needing to commute, and are glad that small talk is finished. For most people, the answer will be no, and instead, they will return back to the full-time office lifestyle. There is still one question left to answer, what happens to those who loved both?

What is Hybrid Working? Can we Really Have Both?

Many companies have taken this year of disbelief and used it to rethink a century-old model of 9-5 office life. Catering to every employee and their preference. Unprecedented demand for premium feeling co-working spaces has been seen so far in 2021 as we begin to emerge from uncertainty. These companies now rethinking the way they work, wanting to retain a home base, yet struggling to retain the benefit of a large office building with so many other options out there. larger companies are tending to take up an office for about half their staff members and then rotating them from day to day, so their teams can socialise and collaborate one day, and focus at home on the other.

Another benefit these companies are seeing, is the relaxed need for a developed company culture, as you join a thriving co-working culture. Many co-working spaces including our premium offices in Cremorne host monthly gatherings where members can chat, have a drink and let loose after a long week. Everything from cost, venue, and organising is done for these companies allowing them to focus on what matters.

What About Meeting Rooms?

One of the biggest costs incurred in a traditional office setup is that regardless of how much you choose to use your meeting rooms you pay for that space every hour. Co-working solves this dilemma, certain meeting rooms are available as a part of your membership whenever you wish, in other contracts you will have a designated amount of credit towards meeting rooms every month. After that, you simply pay as you go!

Some big corporate companies are taking advantage of this in other ways, gaining a smaller office without meeting rooms and simply popping into the closest co-working space whenever they have a need for a meeting room.

An Office That Grows as You Grow.

With coworking it has never been easier as the corporate teams grow, another one or two people, they add on another desk or an extra private office. There is always a space for each person, and they are never incurring the unnecessary costs for an office they may or may not grow into. When someone decides they want to work from home again, they simply downsize the next month.

It is now expected that the co-working industry which currently accounts for 6% of total office space in Australia will soon catch up to Europe which currently sits at 30%. Will you be a part of it?

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