When we traditionally think of co-working we tend to think of a form of working reserved for entrepreneurs and start-ups, and that big corporate office would always be fortified and isolated from other businesses. In 2021 this is changing, many big corporate companies are opting out of the traditional office work lifestyle in favor of a more balanced hybrid working schedule that sees them using high-end co-working spaces like collective_100 half the week and working from the home office the rest of the week.

Why Now?

With the variety of co-working spaces available and the addition of a new one almost every week, it was inevitable that of those new coworking spaces there would be one perfectly suited to corporate companies eventually. That day has finally come. At collective_100 we see many larger businesses known in almost every family home appearing in our space, either permanently, or just for a day whilst they use our modern, high-end meeting rooms.

As time goes on, the more frequently they drop by and the more we get to know. It has also been providing them with an excellent opportunity to connect with new businesses, provide guidance and allow them to collaborate or learn from one another.

Will Co-Working Win?

The simplest answer is eventually yes. With the price of traditional leases rising once again, working in coworking spaces beings to make more and more sense. An office that has a dedicated receptionist, included cleaning, people to look after light bulbs and calling a plumber, meeting rooms, kitchens and the list goes on. All of that and for a fraction of the price. If that wasn’t enough, many co-working spaces allow you to alter your space to fix your needs, need extra privacy? Frost the windows. Need a dedicated meeting room? Convert an office. The possibilities are endless and the end result is affordability!