Coworking After Covid.

Covid-19 was a virus that not only infected humans but also infected the economy, millions forced to work from home, thousands losing their jobs and hundreds of businesses closing. So did coworking survive?

Thankfully many of Melbourne’s beautiful coworking spaces made it through the 21st century’s first pandemic. Following the easing of restriction in Victoria and Melbourne, many who have been trapped at home for so long are slowly getting ready to return to work. Those who have grown over covid or shrunk are now also looking to see if coworking might be the solution to their problems.

As people slowly trickle back into our office, it is incredible to see the happiness and excitement in all of them to finally be back in an office. Different spaces are so excited to bring back their communal events, from Yoga to Friday night drinks, coworking communities have remained strong.

Whilst it is easy to get excited with the easing of restrictions, coworking spaces are still having to take large precautions to keep members safe. Cleaning has been increased at many with high touch surfaces being cleaned hourly. Meeting rooms are disinfected after every use and hand sanitizer is made available by the liter.

We are so excited to be back, we wanted to say thank you for all your support.

One more thing,

Welcome Back Melbourne!

Photo by Branimir Balogović on Unsplash