Work Remotely, Stay Connected.

Companies like WordPress have long been empowering employees to work remotely and join coworking spaces close to them to gain that social interaction they would usually miss. Instead of paying for a physical office, WordPress give their employees a monthly allowance to spend on a coworking space of their choosing. This has to lead to their employees becoming happier and leading to them achieving greater productivity all whilst increasing their work-life balance.

Autonomy + Productivity

Coworking spaces were made famous for the sense of connection they provide, leading to incredible collaboration and a world of new opportunities, especially for freelancers. Furthermore, this connectivity with the employees around you is known to boost productivity.

Relax, Belong.

With a variety of people, from a range of industries, it is easy to feel like you belong. Communal areas like the kitchen (that often supplies amazing, unlimited coffee) are an incredible place to connect to other workers within your floor and building, expanding your network far past what a usual office has to offer.

For happier employees and a productive workspace, it might be time to consider coworking, it might be time to consider collective_100