Here at collective_100, we have recently introduced bookable day offices as another option to suit the continually evolving business needs and based on the take-up of this option, we got it right.

Whether you are a start-up business, someone who is sick of working from home, or are constantly moving around, or are a sales manager who would like your sales team to come together in an office once a week, a bookable daily office may be the perfect workspace solution.

What is a Day Office?

A Day Office, or Flexible Office, allows guests to book a private office for themselves or their team for the day, without committing to a long-term rental agreement. The most common form of flexible office space is a flexi desk or ‘hot desk’, which is an alternative in a shared desk area. However, day offices provide an enclosed office for coworkers who may require privacy or freedom to work as a team.

What are the benefits?

  • No need for commitment. The option of a bookable day office means that there is a private office waiting for you as the need arises. If you only require an office periodically, flexible offices may be the right choice.
  • The benefits of coworking are still on offer. Booking a part-time office in a flexible office space still provides access to the usual benefits of coworking: networking, versatility, productivity, affordability, and more.
  • Increased freedom. Flexi desks are an important aspect of coworking but can also restrict open discussions between team members when other workers are nearby. Booking a private office removes this problem, adding the ability to close the door and to brainstorm as a team freely.
  • Spaciousness. A large office can feel less restrictive than a shared desk area.

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