Is a Home Office Better Than Coworking?

A home office is an incredible place to start any business venture, quiet to focus, and you are in full control of distraction. However, for a growing business, a home office is no longer appropriate. The distractions begin to become more obvious as your workload and the pressure increases. As  the time commitment increase, loneliness will set in as you begin to feel isolated in an office of one. Communication will be impeded as your staff grows. Lack of meeting space slowly becomes a problem.

For these reasons, so many individuals are turning to coworking and reaping the rewards for their choices.

Coworking can provide you with a premium business location, socialisation, meeting rooms, high speed internet and valuable networking opportunities.

So to answer the question is a home office better than coworking, yes and no… its a great place to start a business but not a great place to run and grow a business, its time to upgrade, its time to flourish, it is time to join coworking.


Photo by Mikey Harris on Unsplash