How Does Co-Working Work In Melbourne?

Co-working spaces can differ in the services they run, their focus, and their design, however, there is one thing that they all have in common. They all aim to give businesses an affordable place to work and collaborate in. Unlike the traditional office rental idea where you rent out an entire floor, in coworking, you rent out a single meeting room, a single office, or a single desk for you to use when you need. It’s that simple.

The best part is you pay a single monthly total for your workspace, everything else including power, furniture, fit-out, water, coffee, tea, and property taxes are all taken care of. Normally for businesses starting out they need to consider a variety of costs from the room for a kitchenette, room for a printer, the cost of the printer, the list goes on. In a short time, your office goes from a dream come true to a living nightmare.

Many coworking spaces will also allow you to book a desk just for a single day, and some such as collective_100 allow you to book a private office by the day!

So what’s the catch?

For businesses who need office space for less than 30 people, there is no catch! You gain access to more affordable yet elegant space, you save on costs in 100 different ways, you gain the ability to network in your lunch break and form new friendships every single day. There is so much to love about coworking.