HR in 2021

Human resources or HR are an essential part of many larger and growing companies, they ensure that things are running smoothly and that your employees are doing well. Whilst, your company can survive without HR, there will come a time when every company will grow large enough to need one.

After a year of uncertainty, turmoil, heartbreak, and stress, the role of HR has become more complex than ever. Not only does HR have to manage the physical safety of their employees but now also the mental.


The simplest way HR can help improve the mental health and thus productivity of your employees is by simply checking in to see how they are doing, making sure they have all the support they need to do their role, and working out how they could be assisted to be able to do even better. This process is beneficial and could be as simple as contacting employees individually or sending out a survey.

Checking in can bring light to issues such as poor wifi, broken screen, eye strain, or any number of simple issues with easy fixes. Additionally, by reaching out to your employees you are showing that you care, this will often cause them to reciprocate this level of care, and hence they will invest more into your business.

Redefine your culture

Now is the perfect time to redefine what your company is about. After being out of the office for so long it is the best time to make sure you start off with a great new positive culture. This can be amazing for productivity.

Your job is to foster your companies culture, encourage employees to talk with each other, and connect. Allow them to switch off for a few minutes whilst they catch up on life. If your employees get along, when they get stuck they will feel comfortable relying on each other for help.

If you want a great company culture, go the extra mile, organise a lunch or Friday night drinks. A time where everyone can switch off from work and connect on a more human level. There is always at least one thing keeping people in their job, that thing is normally money. If you can add culture and friends to that list so people want to stay as your employee, then you have to spend less time and resources on training leading to increased profits over the years.

As your culture evolves, HR should always be considering new ways to improve the lives of your employees.