How to Grow Your Business on Instagram

Social media is one of the most cost effective ways to grow your business, however, it is not always straight forward and requires dedication.

1. Stay Away From Bots.

Only a few short years ago bots were a great way to grow your account and get noticed. Today, these practices will get your account flagged and maybe permanently deleted. So this first tip is so incredibly important, despite their appeal, stay away.

2. Shout outs.

One of the best possible way to quickly and effectively grow your account is through shout outs. Reach out to influences and work out how much it would cost for them to see how much they charge per post. The goal is to find accounts that have large followings from people who are likely to purchase your products. If you do this with enough influences at the same time you will effectively tell the algorithm that your content is popular and it will get featured on the explore page.

3. Repost.

One way to grow your account is to use other peoples content and give them credit. Every now and then they will shout your account out for sharing their content brining in more followers!

4. Hashtags.

Effective if done correctly. hashtags can enable you to target the right audience and grow your follower base. Find hashtags that are relatively unique but still get notices. Don’t use tags that have millions of posts because you simply wont get noticed.

5. Find Your Style.

Who are you and what do you look like as a brand? Are you colorful? What are your main colors? Pick a color pallet and a feel and stick to it! Adding a pattern to your feed that you follow can help add to your aesthetic too.

Photo by Jakob Owens on Unsplash