yimba uganda

Facilitating Education

Yimba Uganda is a Uganda founded non-government organization specifically designed to assist Ugandan youths in developing sustainable income-generating skills through vocational training and education, with the end goal being to create individuals who are self-sustaining and ultimately break a long-running cycle of poverty.

Yimba Uganda
World of difference

Building Communities

From facilitating the daily commute to school to building wells and teaching sustainable farming, every action World of Differences takes is carefully calculated to ensure it has a lasting positive impact. No one said it would be easy, however, World of difference eases the troubles of daily lives for thousands of Cambodians every year.

World Of Difference
Global Village Housing

Starting With a Roof

No matter where you were born, you should always be afforded the human need of shelter. A place to feel safe, a place to rest and a place to share with your family. That is why we proudly support Global Village Housing, an organization starting at the very basics.

Global Village Housing

From Food to Family

Building a community is not a simple task, however, one of the most important components is knowledge. Without delving too much into the traumatic recent history of many Cambodians, they are starting at a setback. By providing homes, and teaching how to farm sustainably we believe we are taking a great leap toward a brighter future.

We Care

We strongly believe that where and what you were born into should not dictate the opportunities you are offered. That's why we go above and beyond to help others, treating it like a full time job, a job we love.


Our Earth


Solar Pannels


Water Tanks

Clean transport

Bike racks and showers to encourage emission-free transport

Renewable energy

Cleaner energy and recycled water in use


Recycling bins in use on every level


Trees and plants to help clean our air