Why choose a shared office space in Melbourne?

The motivation for choosing a shared office space rather than a traditional lease is usually multifaceted.

For ambitious startups, shared office spaces in Melbourne offer the chance to be in a professional setting that impresses prospects and clients, without the looming commitment of a multi year lease.

For established and seasoned brands, shared offices present flexibility, autonomy and the ability to roll multiple maintenance requirements into the one easy membership plan.

For all members, the benefits of a shared office space in Melbourne is plentiful. Simply put, we offer a premium everyday experience, simplified.

Enjoy the space and luxury of your own dedicated office space without the cost of maintenance of a traditional lease. Our private offices are spacious and considered, located across our two levels to offer options for the discerning business. Whether it be an office for two or a team of five or more than thirty five, we have a great variety of office setups to suit most business.

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Daily Private Office

As a part of our goal to help all businesses gain access to a premium space where they can collaborate and grow, we have now introduced the option to rent a private office by the day. With a range of options, there will certainly be the perfect office to suit your team.

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Ideal for the growing entrepreneur, our dedicated desks in our shared office spaces allows you to enjoy the inspiring airiness of the mezzanine. You will find yourself amongst ambitious individuals such as yourself, in the perfect space for networking and collaboration.

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Ideal for travelling salespeople, visitors to Melbourne and those not quite ready for the commitment of a full time desk, hot desking at our premium space is a true delight. Step into our vibrant yet relaxed space, enjoy a complimentary premium Nespresso coffee and enjoy a full day of deep focus in our hotdesking spaces. We’ve carefully curated a range of packages to suit once off, return and regular guests.

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Virtual Office

Whether you are an interstate or remote brand, or not yet ready to invest in a physical place with us, collective_100 is an ideal virtual office solution in Melbourne. Our premium “Silicone Cremorne” address adds instant gratis to your brand, and provides you with a safe, secure location for your mail. With our unique mail notification email system, you will enjoy peace of mind, and can even opt to enjoy the ambiance of collective_100 when you join us to check your mail.

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