8 Reasons Company Culture is Important

Culture is a crucial part of any business, it defines the way business functions and the way its employees behave. Here are 7 reasons why the culture of your company is so crucial!

1. Internal identity

The internal identity of your company is defined by the culture that you create, if you want your company to be laid back and relaxed with a good balance, that culture starts with you, at the top. Define what is appropriate to be worn at work and how people should present themselves. If you want the business to be more professional, play by the traditional rules, and enforce the hierarchy. No matter what you decide, the culture you create will define how employees perceive their work.

2. External identity

The effect of culture extends far past your employees. Each and every one of your customers will perceive your workplace through the beliefs you hold.

3. Reflects your beliefs

The culture your company has will be composed of core beliefs, for example, we are a company that believes in work-life balance. These beliefs will be mirrored by your employees, therefore it is important to define what you expect of your employees and what they can expect of you.

4. Retention

Good company culture can assist in helping you to retain staff, this means less time and money wasted on finding and training new individuals because the ones you already have will stay. In some cases, one skilled individual can do the work of numerous unskilled individuals.

5. Culture and image

Those who directly experience company culture are your employees. Your culture will define what they will say about the company. If your employees feel intimidated at work and don’t enjoy the environment they work in they are more likely to talk badly about your business. This will result in a growing perception of your company as an unfavorable place to work and in some cases support. In the future, this may make it difficult to acquire skilled staff.

6. Onboarding

Good company culture can help you present your company as a favorable place to work. It is also important that you introduce new employees to the culture as soon as you can.

7. Company to team

Your culture defines how your employees feel. Do they feel like a number or a team member? This is determined by culture, it helps guide teams to work together breaking down barriers inspired to achieve a common goal.

8. Culture and wellbeing

Culture will affect the wellbeing of your employees, the better their wellbeing the better their productivity.

How is your culture?

Hopefully, now it is obvious how important the culture of your company is to its function. Let us know in the comments why you think culture is important!

Culture in coworking?

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Photo by Naassom Azevedo on Unsplash