Why do you need a virtual office address?

A virtual office is an essential step for any small but growing business, and why not choose to have one in the heart of Richmond, Cremorne. Once upon a time, getting a prestigious business address in Richmond was a long and tedious process, now coworking offices like collective_100 have made it easy and painless. Here are some of the top benefits of a virtual office!

Professionalism, credibility, and legitimacy

Having a prestigious business address such as one in Cremorne can help give your company legitimacy. Having a physical business address and phone provide reassurance to your clients that you are a professional and capable company. However, it is important to choose your area carefully, does it fit your brand?


A virtual office complements your current work-life balance. You can continue to work from anywhere whilst immediately and affordably boosting your credibility.

No commute

Similar to the previous point, you won’t have to waste time and money on your commute, you can help save the environment by contributing a little less CO2.


You use to have to sign a complicated and expensive lease in order to achieve a credible business address. Now you can obtain one for as little as $40 a month!

Hire from anywhere

When you have a virtual office instead of a physical one, it means that you can hire people from anywhere! This means that you endless choices of who to hire and where form.

No commitments

Many places provide month to month options so you don’t have to commit to a three-year lease! This is what makes a virtual office so great for growing businesses whose futures are no quite clear.

Access to meeting rooms

Often coworking places like collective_100 offer meeting rooms to members at a reduced rate, this means you can have access to affordable rooms for meetings and you will be able to truly impress your clients.


Coworking spaces often offer support to entrepreneurs in order to coach them through growing their businesses.

Enquire now to find out how a virtual office may be the perfect next step for your business.

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