Big meetings can already be super stressful, the last thing you need is to find out there is no meeting room for you to use because your office meeting room has been double-booked!  Co-working meeting rooms may be the perfect solution for the next time you find yourself facing this situation.

Coworking spaces across Melbourne are commonly fitted out with a range of different sized meeting rooms.  Even better they usually have a concierge who worries about wifi, cleaning, displays, setting up and all the little tasks so that all you have to do is book, show up and do your best.

Meeting outside of the office can also result in a more productive meeting with a range of wide-reaching benefits for your team, in addition to these team benefits, it can make your life easier too!

Greater Privacy, Less Interruptions & Less Distractions

Being outside of your usual office means that those who would usually come and interrupt your meeting will have a greater challenge in doing so.  This means that you can have a meeting that flows and will be far more productive.   It is important to remember that even brief interruptions or distractions can have a huge effect on the overall flow of the meeting, as well as possibly lessening the impact the meeting has on employees.

Change in atmosphere

Simply changing your meeting room from your regular office meeting rooms can help to combat workplace boredom, with a US study showing that up to 40% of employees are bored.  Changing the environment for meetings by hiring out a different meeting room once in a while is an excellent way to change the atmosphere and in-turn reengage some of your employees.

New perspectives

Meeting in a new space can result in renewed inspiration and creativity.  Different surroundings immediately engage us in new ways and can be perfect for meetings where creativity, new perspectives and ideas are needed.

Access to different facilities

Meeting outside of the office can also allow for access to facilities that may not normally be available to you.  Some co-working spaces have special conference phones that allow for virtual meetings with people interstate.  Others allow for access to presentation systems that are more effective for larger groups.

Natural light

When renting meeting space outside of the office it is easy to assume that hotels have the best spaces, this is a common misconception.  Whilst many hotels do offer a range of meeting rooms, these rooms are normally dull given hotels prioritise their rooms based on the availability of natural light.  Coworking spaces commonly build their meeting rooms with natural light in mind, this means more daylight and in turn people will feel more awake.

It is easy

Many people perceive booking spaces outside their office as a hassle and avoid it.  This is very untrue, many coworking spaces have implemented systems that allow for bookings to be simple, easy and in most cases instant.