As the not too distant future of the world progressively becomes clearer, the expectations for the office lifestyle also become more clear. When we begin to ask what is acceptable to accept from your office building the first question we should ask ourselves is:

What is the role of the office?

Following 2020, a year that saw decades of change unfold in just days, the role of the office has changed too. Unlike many things that are getting back to normal, some are not and the way we use our offices is one. We now don’t see meeting rooms as essential to our work life, but we still need them. The office is no longer a need, no longer a part of everyday work life but has now become an OR.

However, as individuals decide to return to the social world that is the office building, the true role of the office is revealed. An office is no longer a place necessary for us to perform our work, but rather a vessel to allow our work to once again be enjoyed. Breaking up the long day with a short commute where they can switch off and transition into the home mindset. In reality, the office is quickly becoming a luxury that many are losing access to.

How will offices change?

Given that the office will become a place that people want to go to instead of need to go, the offices that do survive will likely feel like a relaxing place that people want to be in. This means that on average offices will become nicer, those that are not enjoyable will fall out of favor, inevitably changing to keep up with the needs of society or perishing in a world where they are no longer something people need but a luxury they invest in.