Co-Working spaces are incredible, however, they have a reputation for being a little tacky and not right for a lot of businesses. This use to be the case, however, as coworking has grown and evolved this has now become untrue. Yes of course you still have coworking spaces targeted to young, budding entrepreneurs, but you also have co-working spaces aimed at almost every different profession and every different size.

There are coworking spaces for dentists, psychologists, lawyers, and for branches of large corporate businesses. Each coworking space will usually have its own niches that it targets, accepting the companies that are the right fit for the community. For instance, at collective_100 we are home to larger corporate businesses who have either outgrown their current offices or were looking to change things up.  This has resulted in an upmarket, professional workplace that helps you focus on work, collaborate, and grow.

So the short answer is coworking spaces are designed for everyone, the long answer is that each coworking space is specifically designed for a segment of those looking for incredible offices.