Hope for Coworking

Coworking and shared office spaces are slowly reopening across Melbourne as Melbourians regain what had become a distant memory of freedom. Spirits lift as colleges reunite after months of separation and hope for continued freedom rises as cases remain at zero. This is incredible for coworking spaces that have survived. However, we have lost a few incredible coworking spaces across Melbourne, which I am sure will be missed by many.


Whilst things are normalised slightly, there is still a way to go before life returns to a true normal. Currently, coworking places are restricted in the number of people who can enter dampening the thriving culture coworking communities are loved for. Luckily, for many of these coworking places, visitors are still welcomed. This is assisting the many companies that rely on these spaces to get back into work and grow once again.

Those who are back are enjoying having a daily routine again, something many thought that they would never miss. COVID has changed the mind set of many, and now so many of our members are even more excited to come to work!

Precautions Taken

Coworking spaces have responded quickly to COVID-19, implementing several changes including:

  • Frequent cleaning
  • Strong enforcement of social distancing
  • compulsory mask-wearing (with the exception of a single person private office)
  • Sanitizer available
  • High-frequency cleaning of high touch areas.

In many coworking spaces, this approach has been allowing members of the communities to get back to what they love. After talking to a few of our members we can tell you that they are so incredibly excited to be back and are happy to do anything to prevent the community from being broken off again.

To all our members and members of coworking places across Melbourne, all of us at collective_100 wanted to say welcome back!

If you are looking for an office or a meeting room please do not hesitate to contact us at [email protected]

Special thank you to all those who have supported us throughout this period.

Photo by Sincerely Media on Unsplash