Cremorne, a Growing Business Hub

Coworking spaces in Cremorne have been multiplying as their popularity continues to increase! Whilst at the start of the year there was fear that some coworking spaces would not make it through the lockdowns many survived and are again becoming thriving hubs that foster some of Melbourne’s best and brightest entrepreneurs and businessmen and women.

How many coworking spaces are in Cremorne and Melbourne?

Cremorne now hosts more than 5 different co-working spaces and there are more than 100 different spaces across Melbourne offering co-working of some variety.

Myths about coworking

There are many myths out there around coworking, these include:

  • Coworking is only for entrepreneurs and young businessmen, this couldn’t be any further from the truth, we have had the pleasure of hosting large companies such as Matchbox and Nespresso international. These companies loved being apart of the community created within our coworking space, as we are sure you would appreciate as well.
  • Coworking is cheap and nasty. This couldn’t be further from the truth, there is a coworking space designed to fit everyone’s needs. collective_100 focuses on providing quality, premium office space that leaves you and your clients impressed. Other coworking spaces aim to be fun and vibrant creating an exciting work environment.
  • Coworking is no different from usual offices. This is also so wrong, coworking is much better than normal offices, creating an incredible community in which individuals from a range of industries find themselves colaborating and creating. It is also more affordable than traditional offices making it a great alternative for growing businesses.

collective_100 Cremorne

collective_100 is just one of Cremornes many incredible coworking spaces, differentiated from the others by its unbranded nature and classy design. Designed to be simple, elegant and sophisticated simulatenously, collective_100 has successfully attracted a number of incredible clients who enjoy using the space every day.

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Photo by Nastuh Abootalebi on Unsplash