What is Flexible Workspace?

Also known as flex-space, the goal of flexible workspaces is to accommodate the wide range of needs workers may have. Most flexible workspaces are designed to incorporate a range of facilities that are beneficial to a range of industries within a single space. These spaces include:

  • Quiet zones, providing an area for maximum privacy and focus. These are areas that are available to all users of flex space.
  • Breakout spaces, designed to accommodate smaller personalized meetings or to have a break from the busy hum of a flex space.
  • Shared resources, often flex spaces provide a range of communal resources including a photocopier, break room, kitchen area and coffee.

They can be an excellent entry point into the office market and provide a space that will foster your business and help it grow. Additionally, contracts tend to be more flexible than traditional office spaces, this allows you to grow the size of your office as your business grows, adding a seat here and a seat there.