1. Get moving!

If you are lucky enough to have a fitness facility in your coworking workspace or have it situated near parks and/or walking trails …..then take full advantage and get your body moving! Studies show that working out for at least 30 minutes a day can help boost your mood and happiness levels. No time for a workout… no problem. Get up out of your chair- stand and stretch or take a walk around the office, stop by the outdoor terrace and or a quick pop outside for some fresh air. The movement will increase blood flow and recharge the mind to get your back on the right track.

2. Jam it out!

Listening to happy tunes can not only boost your mood but also increase productivity levels and aid in small distractions while tackling an admin day or task which needs less concentration. Podcasts are also a great way to take a break and boost endorphin levels. Keep those earbuds handy and playlists up to date to help turn your day around.

3. Eat some chocolate…. YES!

That’s right, chocolate makes you happy. That’s not just from our point of view but has been shared in various studies and in nutritional journals. Studies have shown that this delicious treat is packed with antioxidants and chemicals which help boost our mood and help us relax. So either bring some dark chocolate into the office with you for a mid-afternoon snack or check out the coworking pantry- don’t forget to check out our 5 Healthy Snack Alternatives which also has some great mood-boosting treats.

4. Talk to another member of your coworking community.

Community is everything, especially if you are in a coworking environment. Studies show that people are happier when they feel connected and have a sense of belonging so if you are feeling slightly unmotivated and need an extra push, take a stroll around the business center. Speak to a friendly face and clear your head for a few minutes from what is on your to-do list. Seeing a smiling face will not only give you a positive boost but will also promote conversation outside your own working environment… creating a wider view. Simple interactions like this can lead to new ways of thinking, promote creative ideas and allow you to even break out of your comfort zone. Something that always puts a spring in one’s step.

5. Complete a small task to get the momentum going.

Sometimes large to-do lists and an increasing number of unread emails can be overwhelming which will quickly dampen our moods. Try checking off simple tasks when you feel your mood changing. Completing one task will turn your motivation into full gear and create a positive effect on your mood. Feeling accomplished always induces a boost in our happiness …. even if it is just a feeling of one less thing to do.  Download  WSC’s Annual Goal Setting Worksheet which can be modified for daily activities- helping you achieve your goals.

Written by:
Melissa Ansley.
As found on The Work Space Academy  

Photo by Riki on Unsplash
Photo by Priscilla Du Preez on Unsplash