Finding a Meeting Room.

Finding a meeting room in Melbourne can be incredibly challenging! The last-minute need to find a meeting room can happen for any number of reasons. The original meeting room was double booked, it was a last-minute meeting or the meeting room you had booked is no longer big enough. However, there are a number of options when you find out your meeting room is booked. Company’s who don’t frequently use their meeting rooms will sometimes rent it out for others to use. Hotels often offer meeting rooms for hire and some can be quite nice. However, hotel meeting rooms often lack the supports that can be found in the office.

Arguably the best solution to this problem is to find a nice coworking place that has meeting rooms. Often coworking spaces will rent their meeting rooms to members and to non-members for a slightly different price, however, you can still get an incredible meeting room with all the resources you need including coffee, tea, and AV systems for a reasonable price. You can also find podcast rooms, which you can hire to create your own podcasts!

Photo by Christina @ on Unsplash