At any other point in time, if you had asked an individual if they worked from home, the answer for almost every 9-5 office worker would have been no. Now that answer has changed for most to either yes or part-time. Those who still work full time from the office are rare, some by choice work from home. However, others have no other choice.

Why is the office a luxury?

You may be sitting there wondering why the office is a luxury? The main reason is that so many corporations have now realized they don’t need to spend on offices but instead ask you to work from home phrasing it in a way that you both benefit as they a phasing the office out completely.

Now what? You spend every day, 9-5 living your life entirely from a screen. You miss out on socializing with real people. You barely leave the house. For introverts, this can be a dream come true. However, for us extroverts, those of us who love getting out, making people smile, and having a laugh, this is an ongoing nightmare.

What can you do?

Many companies will offer you a setup fee to help you create a great work environment at home and also will cover the cost of your home internet. However, many companies will also offer a set amount to go towards renting out space for you to work from such as coworking! This provides you with space you can focus on, access to meeting rooms, and people to chat to on your break. Allowing everyone to get the best of both worlds.

Photo by DocuSign on Unsplash