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Why Might a Virtual Office be the Solution to Your Home Office Problem?

In its simplest form, a virtual office is a solution to every advantageous home business man’s problem. Solving the problem of obtaining a premium business address whilst retaining the flexibility and benefits of being able to work from home. The main difference between a virtual office and a coworking space is that a virtual office provides the reputational benefits of working in a premium area without the costly commitment of a physical office. Varying plans offered by different coworking communities, signing up for a virtual office can offer benefits including:

  • Premium physical mailing address.
  • Added credibility in the eyes of customers.
  • Accessed to meeting rooms at reduced rates.
  • Access to the coworking community.
  • Mail receipt and forwarding.
  • Live receptionist services.

The Changing Office Format


As we slowly progress through to the other side of this global pandemic, now is certainly the best time to evaluate whether you are able to continue to work at home? If you find yourself answering yes, it may also be the perfect time to move away from the traditional office ideals and reap all the other benefits of an office at a fraction of the cost!

If however, you find yourself craving socialisation, networking, and a more structured routine, remember coworking may still be the perfect answer for you! With a variety of flexible plans and a range of offices. Coworking companies are willing to work with you to find a solution that meets all your requirements and commonly at a fraction of the cost. Additionally, your reap will reap the benefits of joining a thriving community, and networking with a variety of driven and committed people.

Want to know more?

If a premium mailing address in the center of Cremorne in Melbourne would benefit your growing business why not check out our virtual office membership offers here.

If however you need a more and want a physical office please check out our range of options here.