1. Windows help to bring in natural daylight

  2. Windows can help improve the mindset of employees

  3. Windows can help regulate the temperature of an office and reduce associated costs

  4. They help workers feel connected to the outside world inspiring creativity

  5. Windows that open can allow for fresh air and ventilation

  6. Openable windows can sometimes save lives

  7. increasing the comfort of employees and as a result productivity

Daylights Correlation to Productivity

Whilst windows are clearly a visual preference for many, their benefits reach far further than making an office more beautiful.

Invite in light

Windows are an excellent way of increasing light within a building, creating a greater sense of openness and the natural light also helps to stimulate us, keeping us more awake and energetic. Dark offices can have negative impacts on our internal body clocks and cause drowsiness, hence hindering workflow. To bring in natural light you do not necessarily need an office that backs onto the street. Internal window walls are an excellent way to allow for light to flow from office to office. natural light can also improve vision, reduce headaches and eyestrain., therefore streamlining employee workflow.

Alter Employee Mindset

Having windows in your office space represents you as caring for your employees. Their interpretation of how your choices take into account their wellbeing will inevitably create a sense of loyalty from your employees to you, encouraging them to invest more in their work as you invest in them. Additionally, the light helps enhance mood, research b the university of Chicago concluding a significant increase in moral when windows were present in workspaces.

Reduce Heating and Cooling Costs

When double glazed windows are used they can help bring in warm sunlight during winter assisting to heat large spaces, whilst also trapping heat inside. Additionally, openable windows can be excellent to cool down spaces when they are being used for large events, functioning as free cooling.

Promotes and sense of connection

Working a traditional 9-5 job means that you spend up to 40 hours a week inside of your office. When an office is closed off from the outside world and has little access to the outside world it can promote feelings of isolation, even sadness. Simply by adding windows to office space this sense of connection to the world around you is restored resulting in greater creativity and boosted productivity.

Fresh Air

Windows that you can open can allow for greater ventilation and fresher air. Put simply the better the air quality within an office the better the cognitive performance of employees.

Emergency Saviour

In certain emergency situations, office windows that open can help save lives, functioning as an emergency exit in dire situations.

Increasing comfort and Promoting Better Sleep

Finally, natural light and large windows allow employees to feel both safer and more comfortable. This then allows for them to direct more focus to the work they are producing and increase the overall quality of their work. Additionally, access to natural daylight helps to keep the natural body clock in sync and promotes higher sleep quality, again improving work performance.

Windows are Worth the Extra Cost

Whilst offices with windows are more expensive on average, the benefits they provide in increasing productivity make them one of the simplest investments to help boost the productivity and wellbeing of all your staff members.


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Photo by Sasha Freemind on Unsplash