What is a satellite office?

  • An office separate from company HQ
  • Generally smaller than HQ, however, can range from housing a few employees to hundreds.
  • Acts as a home base for certain teams
  • Alternatively called branch offices

Now with the increasing availability of coworking and flexible workspaces, there is increased opportunity to find the right office for your team to use as a satellite office. There has never been a better time to consider satellite office, as dividing your team up will also protect your team in case of an outbreak.

Satellite offices can also assist in helping your company expand to new locations, if you have employees in new cities a satellite office is perfect to get the ball rolling. A satellite office provides your employees with the tools they need to get going. This is where coworking may be the perfect solution as your team can move straight into a full serviced office space, with many coworking spaces finished professionally.

Satellite offices and coworking

With COVID-19 many individuals and companies have experienced what it’s like to work remotely from home, and many have come to the consistent realisation that working from home every day is simply not sustainable. This is where coworking can be helpful again. In coworking spaces, you can rent office space for 2-3 days a week and work from home the other two days. This allows for the attainment of the most beneficial arrangement for you and your company.

As the density of your current office space decreases due to social distancing, considering satellite offices outside of your HQ is an excellent idea. Consider touring a coworking space soon to get a feel of what its like!

In short satellite offices are not only an excellent way to boost productivity and protect your team, but also an extremely affordable and easy way of doing so.

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Photo by Carine L. on Unsplash